* Please refer to the Assessments Fees page for fees.

Rules for Assessments and Recitals

  1. One cheque for fees must accompany the fully completed assessment form submitted by the teacher.  Cheques from students are not acceptable.  See separate sheet for the current fees and address of the Registrar.
  2. Applications must be received 4 weeks prior to the assessments and 4 weeks prior to the Scholarship Recitals.  Late entries cannot be accepted.  See President’s current newsletter for closing dates.
  3. Entry fees are non-refundable.

Assessment Rules

  1. Only students from fully paid up members in good standing are eligible to enter.
  2. Pianists must provide an original manuscript of their music for the Adjudicator.  Photocopied music is NOT permitted.  Singers must have 2 originals – 1 for the Adjudicator and 1 for the accompanist.
  3. Pieces must be performed from memory to be eligible for an award in Scholarship Recitals.  Memorization is encouraged.  Students performing in December & March assessments with music will be penalized 2 marks. Memorization is compulsory for Scholarship competitions and Level Young Artist, Provincial Vocal and Instrumental and Intermediate Level competitions. *See Page 2 for definition of Levels.
  4. Students in competitive classes must perform in the time slot allocated to that class.  Specific times i.e.:  a.m. or p.m. may be requested on the audition entry form, and will be accommodated where possible.
  5. Selections may be chosen from the current or past Syllabi of the Royal Conservatory of Music, Conservatory Canada, Contemporary Showcase or Suzuki.  Pieces other than those on the above syllabi should be graded by the teacher, but are subject to the Adjudicator’s considering them to be appropriate for the grade.  They should be identified on the entry form.
  6. Minimum entry level is Preparatory Level for duets.  Use of music is allowed for all duets.
  7. Please remind students and parents to be silent while other students are performing.
  8. The decision of the adjudicator is final.


Scholarship Recital Entries

1. Fully completed Entry form is required.  There is no fee.  Applications should reach the Registrar 4 weeks prior to the competition.

 Scholarship Rules

  1. A scholarship year runs from September to May.
  2. All candidates achieving a mark of 84 or above at any assessment during the current year are eligible to perform in the May Scholarship Recital.
  3. Once entry into a Scholarship Recital is secured the student is not eligible to enter again (only in competition).  The same piece cannot be played again in an assessment – only in competition.
  4. One selection only is to be played at the scholarship recital, either the original piece or an alternative; or the candidate may elect to enter a higher grade.
  5. Candidates winning a May Scholarship cannot win the same grade in future years except for Grade 9 and up in singing and Grade 10 and A.R.C.T. in piano who are eligible to win twice.
  6. A scholarship will be awarded only when the standard of performance is up to scholarship level.  Minimum is 85 %.  The adjudicator’s decision is final.
  7. The number and amounts of awards and scholarships are decided by a committee comprising the President, Treasurer, and members of the Executive committee.

Zone Competitions

  1. “YOUNG ARTIST” (formerly A Level) comprises the Associate level or above, and instrumentalists must include a Canadian work.  Vocalists must include an art song, an area (opera/oratorio), a contemporary work and a Canadian composition.  Three selections must be in two or more languages other than English.  The programme for instrumentalists or vocalists must total a minimum of 30 minutes up to a maximum of 45 minutes.  This is held in May.
  2. “PROVINCIAL VOCAL” (B Level) must be at a level of difficulty equal to Grand 9 or above.  It must not exceed 20 minutes in total.  Competitors must perform at least three selections in two or more languages.  This is held I May.
  3. “PROVINICAL INSTRUMENTAL” (B Level) must be at a level of difficulty equal to Grand 10 and/or Associate.  It must not exceed 15 minutes total.  Competitors may play two or more pieces within the time limit.  This is held in May.
  4. “INTERMEDIATE LEVEL” (C Level) comprises 2 contrasting piano pieces from Grade 8 or 9, 3 contrasting pieces for vocal.  This is held in May.  This Level is a Greater Toronto Area Zone competition only.
  5. Students representing the Branch in Zone Level Competitions will have their entry fees paid by the Branch.