Member Spotlight

The Etobicoke-Mississauga Branch of ORMTA is proud to announce that Linda Indovina is a recipient of a 2020 ORMTA Contribution to Teaching Award (OCTA).

Linda Indovina, 2020 OCTA Recipient

Linda Indovina grew up in a home full of music. Her father was a talented singer in Toronto who sang in local shows and once shared dinner and a few songs with the legendary operatic tenor Luciano Pavarotti. She first sat at a piano as a young girl and knew immediately that was where she belonged. She began her studies with Harry Jones, who came to her home to give her private lessons. “He was amazing,” says Gray, praising her teacher as a kind and patient instructor who noticed and nurtured her growing talent.

Gray spent many years playing the piano for her mother, a kidney transplant recipient, when she was sick at home. Gray’s mother, who received the kidney transplant in 1970, lived for another 33 years, and was the second-longest kidney transplant survivor.  She later studied music at the University of Toronto and spent years successfully managing floral shops, But missing the music that was the thread in her life she decided she would dedicate herself to passing on her love of music to the next generation.

She has more than 25 years of experience in piano theory and practical lessons.and runs the Linda Gray Piano Academy out of her home in Oakville. Her students have won many awards and scholarships but more importantly they all have grown as musicians and people with Linda’s guidance. This year she witnessed one of her talented six-year-old students perform his debut at Carnegie Hall.

She is a multi-time winner of the Steinway teacher of the year award. The award, presented by the Steinway Piano Gallery in Toronto, which is given annually to a teacher in the Greater Toronto Area for outstanding instruction and leadership in piano education. She is also on the executive board of the Ontario Registered Music Teachers Association Etobicoke-Mississauga branch and on the board for the Contemporary Showcase of Canada. 

Music and teaching and caring for her students have kept her together, Linda says, along with the valuable fellow teachers of the ORMTA  who have been there for her as well. Linda is also appreciative of the many executive and fellow members in the  ORMTA Etobicoke-Mississauga branch who have helped her along the way and generously nominated her for this special honour. Thanks as well to all of you who spread the love of music. Keep up the good work.

From the Branch:

Etobicoke-Mississauga proudly presents Linda Indovina as our 2020 OCTA recipient. For the past 18 years, our Branch has had the honour of having Linda as a very active member.  Linda’s introduction to Etobicoke Mississauga ORMTA, was when she studied with Anita Phillips, an eminent member of our Branch. This positive experience encouraged Linda to become a member. Linda’s teaching abilities soon surfaced as she entered her students in our Assessments and Recitals. Her students were well prepared, and their performances were a reflection of her excellent teaching. She approaches her career with professionalism, kindness and joy. She is always eager to volunteer, whether as an assistant at our Recitals and Assessments, or encouraging her teenage students to join in the volunteer aspect of our Branch. We are fortunate to have Linda on our Branch Executive, and she currently serves as our Outreach person. This she approaches with a cheery smile and much dedication to the job. Although Linda has encountered many health challenges along the way, she always has a positive and happy outlook, with a kind word for all she meets.