Member Spotlight

Congratulations to the members of the Etobicoke-Mississauga Branch, whose students received RCM Regional Gold Medals 2022!

Ani Essegulian (Piano)

Sofia Peycheva (Voice)

Barbara Prins (Voice)

The Etobicoke-Mississauga Branch of ORMTA is proud to announce that Thuy Vi Bach is a recipient of a 2022 ORMTA Contribution to Teaching Award (OCTA).

Thuy Vi Bach, 2022 OCTA Recipient

Mrs. Thuy Vi Bach has been involved with ORMTA for over 14 years. She became a member in 2008 then started her work as treasurer for the Etobicoke-Mississauga branch in 2013. Located in Etobicoke, her piano studio has housed countless students through all life stages. She’s known for being a detail-orientated and relational teacher. She has extensive experience teaching piano in both online and in-person settings. Thuy was studying under the guidance of Christopher Kowal, Jana Skarecki, and Martha Dorland. Her teaching journey began in 1991 when her father’s passion for music and belief in his daughter’s skills inspired him to recruit students, whom she taught in the evenings after work and school. Thuy was also a Parenting supply teacher for the Toronto District School Board, from 1999 at 14 different schools across the GTA. When her second child was born in 2004, Thuy decided to focus only on piano teaching, gaining a waitlist of students through word-of-mouth. In 2021, Thuy’s father passed away from brain cancer. Bach continues to serve as a pianist at her Vietnamese Baptist Church in Mississauga where he dedicated his life. To this day, Thuy teaches up to 61 students and participates regularly in RCM and ORMTA workshops/masterclasses. Her students have won awards in both local and regional competitions, such as the Level 2 Gold Medal from RCM in 2003, scholarships from Milton Festival, ORMTA Etobicoke-Mississauga branch competitions, Vietnamese Talent Show, Peel Festival. Her students are also attending Arts High Schools, such as Mayfield or Cawthra, or attending Music Major in Universities, and registered internationally with programs such as Con Brio Examinations.

It is an honour and a privilege to nominate Thuy Bach as our OCTA recipient for 2022. As soon as we welcomed Thuy into Etobicoke Mississauga Branch, we were most impressed with her willingness to take part in our Branch activities.. Thuy always has a beautiful and engaging smile, which denotes her bright and happy personality! This permeates everything that she accomplishes, as well as the joy that is obvious in her teaching. Thuy presently is our Treasurer, and definitely keeps us on the straight and narrow path financially. Thuy approaches her position as with care, professionalism and is always most prepared for our Executive meetings. Thuy successfully coordinates our “Fun Afternoon”, where the students enjoy snacks and perform “Fun Pieces”. During this activity, we also have a Silent Auction, where we raffle off donations from our contributors. The proceeds go to our Scholarship Fund, and we credit each year’s success of our “Fun Afternoon” to Thuy’s capable leadership. We are proud to acknowledge Thuy’s teaching abilities, and celebrate with her as her students move forward with great success. Thuy’s students demonstrate not only her expertise as a teacher, but also showcase her sunny personality and her dedication to them. It is with great joy that I present Thuy Bach as our 2022 OCTA nominee.